We are devoted to creating feel-good jewelry with good vibes and a big heart. HAPPYLOVE GEMS is a conscious jewelry brand created to make you feel happy, a little fancy and to energetically align your body. A brand rooted in the collective power of love, we believe jewelry can serve as a vessel of energy to support you on your spiritual journey. Made for all lovers of love. Feel the love, feel happy, feel a little fancy, pass it on. 


HAPPYLOVE GEMS are created using natural minerals from Mother Earth. We source semiprecious and precious stones that are closest to their purest form, showcasing the stone's unique characteristics and beauty. Honoring each stone’s uniqueness allows for an unobstructed absorption of its properties and increases its metaphysical effect. Our specimens are responsibly and ethically-sourced from small, family-owned and operated businesses around the world.

After making an intentional and intuitive selection of each gemstone and specimen, every piece is then studied, purified and infused with a love frequency and high-vibrational intention, utilizing ancestral and learned spiritual and healing techniques. All pieces are one-of-a-kind and handmade in Newport Beach, CA.  


Due to nature and human creation, size, shape, and color of each product may vary.


As a mama of four, Denise wholly believes that the most important lessons she can teach her children are to be compassionate, kind and humble, be of service to humanity, see the beauty in all things, be mindful of the hearts of others and to LOVE - both themselves and the world around. This is the very energy that is infused into every piece of jewelry she creates. 

By energetically infusing all pieces with loving energy, she hopes to aid all who are open to raising their vibration and feeling the power of love and happiness. May her jewelry serve as tools to: connect you to the playful and innocent child within, experience the effects color has on the soul, remind you of the beauty of creation, and help you feel happy and do all things from a place of love.

"I just want to make pretty and accessible jewelry, from a pure place of love and joy, that honors the Divine energy in both gemstones and women."

                                             love, Denise