Emilia Pink Opal Necklace

Emilia Pink Opal Necklace

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16” necklace with 2” extension. Constructed of 6mm Pink Opal beads, 14K GF accents. Lobster clasp closure. 




Enhances cosmic consciousness, highlights and helps to release attributes that do not serve one’s purpose. Black Opal assists in positive communication, boosts creativity, balances chakras and heightens precognitive ability and improves intuition. It magnifies the awakening of the kundalini. A highly protective stone, it helps to release fear and provides a protective energetic barrier that transmutes negativity both in you and the area around where stone is worn. Black Opal is said to promote astral travel. Activates the base, heart and crown chakras.

14K Gold

Known as “The Master Healer”, promotes purification of the entire body, clears away negativity, transforms energy, activates the 3rd eye chakra.

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